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You Are Leaving Pornhub. Sovrappeso, stempiati, identici a quando erano giovani: Un nuovo servizio del Corriere: Facebook, Amazon e gli altri big tech grazie alla nuova direttiva europea sui pagamenti digitali avranno accesso, sempre su autorizzazione, ai nostri Iban. La proposta dell'organizzazione civica col supporto del costituzionalista Clementi: Progetto pilota in due scuole elementari del Galles promosso da un monaco e un imprenditore: Per alcuni esperti queste effusioni sono indesiderate.

The UN security council voted unanimously on Saturday for a month-long ceasefire across Syria to allow for humanitarian deliveries and medical evacuation. Syria death toll over as eastern Ghouta bombing continues. Kim Yong-chol, blamed for the sinking of a South Korean naval ship that killed 46 sailors, arrives for Winter Olympics closing ceremony. A North Korean delegation, headed by a general many in the South blame for attacks that killed dozens, has been greeted by protesting lawmakers as they arrived for the Winter Olympics closing ceremony.

Sridevi Kapoor, a Bollywood superstar who broke the mould when it came to playing traditionally coy female roles, has died after suffering a heart attack in Dubai, her family said on Sunday. The investigation of Russian interference in the US election by the special counsel Robert Mueller has brought to light a secretly financed pro-Russian lobbying effort that employed former senior European politicians.

Ex-Trump chair Paul Manafort vows to fight 'untrue' charges as Gates cuts plea deal. The National Rifle Association has criticized more than a dozen companies for choosing to sever partnerships following the shooting at a Florida high school that left 17 people dead.

Leading campaigner, current and former staff call for inquiry into bullying and sexual assault at UNAids. Isis says it carried out attacks that security sources say involved two car suicide bombers and six gunmen. At least 14 people have been killed and 40 wounded when car suicide bombers and gunmen tried to storm the headquarters of a Yemeni counter-terrorism unit in Aden on Saturday, security and medical sources said. The agency provided no immediate evidence for the claim.

Thousands of its bikes have been stolen or damaged, says company that had , users across the country. People wanting to get on their bikes in France have one option less to do so after the Gobee.

Will it be enough? Our Thai tour guide, Spicey, takes a drag on her cigarette and gestures sadly towards the beach. They see a beautiful place and they want it. They take, take, take from nature. And then they destroy it.

The golden sands of Maya Bay where Spicey stands are some of the most famous in the world. It was then pushed by tourism officials in advertising campaigns to entice more wealthy visitors to Thailand. Moran has a population under and is home to the first and best-known manufacturer of the controversial device. When Don Boyett was asked if he believes that bump stocks should be banned, he gestured to the moss green SUV in his driveway. Are we going to sue Ford and get rid of Ford Expeditions?

The same thing with a gun. Father of seven and grandfather of 15, his 80 years have been spent farming a patch of land that has also been a battleground in the longest civil war in modern history. The other men and women are his old friends and neighbours. In the hot morning sun, among the creaking plants hung with clenched hands of green bananas, the answers to the first part of that question have come thick and fast.

With my 50th birthday looming, was this a signal from the cosmos to resurrect my part-time modelling career from 30 years ago? Could I tear myself away from a comfortable life of box set bingeing on Game of Thrones , throw off my Greywalker chains and reject a life of House of Fraser to re-join House Givenchy or House McCartney? Oh, what the heck, I thought, 50 is the new 25, right? Drag performers have an incredible opportunity to challenge stereotypes and shine a spotlight on gender roles.

When I thought of drag, I thought of gay men in dresses, mocking women and making transphobic jokes. But when I moved to San Francisco and explored my queerness and the rich history and diversity within drag, I soon found myself in the spotlight. When I met my partner Ben, who is also bisexual, we decided to move overseas so that we could be a bit more adventurous.

I also had a feeling that I needed to explore who I was, away from family and friends. Now women are reclaiming the role of oestrogen in their lives.

But yes, inspired by Paula, British spies planned to end the war by making Adolf less aggressive. They intended to do this by smuggling oestrogen into his food, thereby turning him into a woman. But with knowledge of their effects came creeping politics.

If hormones meant women were less inclined to start wars, did it also mean they were less capable of ambition? Less capable of being leaders? If hormones meant men were more aggressive, less nurturing, was equality an impossible dream? A month after his visit to China, his newly pregnant wife, Bizainafu Abudourexit, was caught up in a Chinese crackdown on the Uighur Muslim minority group, detained without charge, and sentenced to seven years in jail with no legal support.

It has been a quieter than average week in Syria. More than people were killed in the unimaginably awful siege of eastern Ghouta , most of them civilians. The truth is that brutality is winning in Syria because the democratic powers are afraid to confront it.

Russia has again blocked a UN security council resolution calling for a ceasefire in Syria. Since the war began in , Russia has vetoed 11 draft resolutions. Last week, it did not even need to veto, only to make clear that it would if the sponsors pushed their draft to a vote.

Losing EU workers undermines UK trading and we urgently need investment in training to bridge the looming skills gap. Evidence strongly suggests that a comprehensive customs union with the EU, alongside a deep relationship with the single market, is best for jobs, investment and living standards.

But it is equally urgent to get clarity about people. Firms and their employees need to know who can live and work in the UK, now and in the future. This is as important as trade. We humans are a sucker for a journey. But, this week, Weight Watchers is acknowledging that, while this story is satisfying for the armchair viewer, it is not realistic.

Not for the thousands of people for whom the journey of weight loss looks less like a simple car ride and more like a kind of nightmarish Interrailing experiment where your wallet is nicked by a one night stand you were falling in love with and your bag gets lost at the airport, containing your contact lenses and inhaler, and then suddenly the island you came from goes missing in a storm.

As the science fiction novelist William Gibson famously observed: The likelihood or mirage of such machines still remains a distant prospect, a point made by the leading AI researcher Andrew Ng, who said that he worries about superintelligence in the same way that he frets about overpopulation on Mars. Growth of AI could boost cybercrime and security threats, report warns. Remember when Jennifer Lawrence was nice? It seems like only yesterday when she fell over adorably at the Oscars, and then again at another Oscars, and then again at the premiere of the final Hunger Games movie.

But in the gaping chasm of insatiable celebrity commentary, the snapback has been swift and brutal. The promise of EU membership for states in the region is welcome, but Russia, China and Turkey could create instability. Russian destabilisation of Balkans rings alarm bells as EU leaders meet. The former prime minister is capitalising on a cynicism that has its roots in decades of disconnect between citizens and institutions. In many ways Europe stands out as a positive exception.

Despite all the criticism thrown at the EU, it is a global leader in preserving a degree of fairness in the social fabric. Parts of the left depict it as a vehicle for neoliberal economic policies , and parts of the right deride it as an inefficient administrative monster. So how is Europe really doing? In , these blocs of similar population and average income were also similar in income inequality: Well, that almost concludes the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, with just the closing ceremony to come.

Marit Bjoergen is now the most successful Winter Olympian ever. She now has eight gold, four silver, and three bronze total of 15 medals from five Olympic Games. New Zealand won a brilliant match in the final over thanks to the brilliant bowling of Trent Boult and Tim Southee, and the brilliant batting of Tom Latham and Ross Taylor; they lead the five-match series So there we go: New Zealand take the lead in the five-match series; join us for the next instalment on Wednesday.

Until then, enjoy the rest of your weekend. Boult and Southee did superbly to slow England down towards the end of their innings, and the partnership between Latham and Taylor was special.

But the match turned for the final time when Santner somehow got a perfect yorker away for four; no boundary off the first ball of the final over and the pressure is properly on. As one door closes another one opens for Aymeric Laporte, dumped out of the FA Cup on a hectic night at Wigan on Monday but now in line for a first taste of Wembley in the Carabao Cup final in what would be only his fourth game since joining Manchester City.

Winning a cup final would be a great step forward, it would be good to get a trophy under our belts and then go back to trying to make sure we win the league.

According to Mourinho that fixture is Liverpool. On a personal level he claims the memories of delivering three Premier League titles to Stamford Bridge fade with every encounter against his former club.

But for a series of missed opportunities, Tiger Woods would have been beginning day four with an outstanding chance of ending a wait for a PGA Tour victory stretching back to The times major champion, amid what is now more of a resurgence than a return from a fourth back surgery, should still be a key part of the Honda Classic denouement but the third day had promised so much more. Woods trails the tournament leader, Luke List, by seven.

Justin Thomas and Webb Simpson are within one of List. It is fair to say that Colombian goalkeepers have form when it comes to making an impression at Wembley Stadium. When Jamie Redknapp scooped a relatively tame ball towards goal, Higuita flipped acrobatically, flinging his legs behind him to clear with a mid-air scorpion flick.

Just for the kick of the trick. Of course, he was inspired by what he observed on the television. It was great he did it at Wembley, too. For us Colombians Higuita is a really important figure. He did so much for the national team and the country. Two years ago Scotland started against England here, following a rousing rendition of Flower of Scotland, like a deflated set of bagpipes. This time they matched their crowd and were at full bellow as they played with a sustained, controlled fury to record their first victory over the Auld Enemy for 10 years and throw open the championship.

They scored three tries, having not managed one against England here since , and took the game to their opponents from the kick-off. What was ultimately decisive was the ferocity of their defence, summed up by the penalty-winning tackle made by the hooker Stuart McInally near his own line with two minutes to go. It was a victory fashioned at the breakdown and chiselled by grit. The former chief executive of Formula One Bernie Ecclestone has said he believes the sport needs to make a radical break with the past and embrace an all-electric-powered future.

He has suggested F1 should make some fundamental changes, including no longer paying the teams for taking part. The genre-weaving artist emerged in with her laptop-produced mixtape Drunken Babble.

Fans say the K-pop band were chosen to perform at the ceremony not just because of their current popularity, but in part because of the unity they have represented in the region.

When a group of 35 people suddenly started cheering in an empty parking lot in Sacramento on a recent weekend, onlookers might have been forgiven for wondering what on earth was going on. Youth is a terrible weight to carry.

I no longer have that panicky need to accumulate experience. My children are all over the place, Belgium, Switzerland, Paris, but now I feel perfectly at home wherever I am. Christian keeps himself to himself, and is keen to cover up evidence of a more delinquent past: An older man has been tasked with showing Christian the ropes: She takes a distinct shine to Christian, and he to her. As Bruno says gleefully to Christian: A centuries-old rice and lentil dish is given a new spin with wild rice and a baked almond yoghurt topping.

This recipe is inspired by one I ate at Swati Snacks in Mumbai, a restaurant with strip lighting, laminated menus and a long queue: Mainly, I assume, for the kitchari. Record yourself while driving and listen back: Some people employ the idea of speaking at all times as though their mother were in the room. The effectiveness of this obviously depends on how sweary a parent you have; substituting another shockable, easily disappointed authority figure the pope, a former teacher, Mary Berry could also prove useful.

I am a year-old girl from a conservative family; they were furious when they discovered I was dating. My boyfriend is of a different race and nationality, which exposes the underlying racist nature of my parents. Since then, they have made my life stressful. I understand that this is shocking for them, but I do not believe it justifies their behaviour: They say that I am ruining my life, even though I have the highest grades in school.

I went climbing with a millennial. It was like a perfect political metaphor: I am incredibly good at getting discouraged, having a rest and giving advice from the sidelines. She will cling on to a wall like a marmoset trying to escape certain death, whereas I will get near the top, realise how high that is and lose my nerve.

Do you think we should have warmed up first? Climbing muscles, being the same as regular muscles, are use-it-or-lose-it. I climbed more often before I embarked on the lunatic running caper, and used to think of the green runs at my local centre as being for children, or for a warm-up. Now I find them devilish hard, and the purple is my top-of-the-tree, when in fact they are both for novices, really.

I suspect the millennial of avoiding the blue-with-red-spots just so as to not show me up. Apart from being a superb example of a local new-season variety, these potatoes were simply boiled with heaps of aromatics before being tossed in butter and salt, but they had a hugely satisfying complexity. Paint peels off the living room walls to reveal galaxies of colour and mould. Piles of clothes, receipts and detritus disintegrate under piles of dust, above floors that barely exist.

A rusty shower head watches over a scum-soaked bath, as pale pink tiles rot around it. All artfully lit, and gorgeously shot, in high definition by professional photographers. Real estate agents are showing gallery-worthy documents of a market in crisis. When a mystery illness rippled through the US embassy in Cuba in late , the diplomatic fallout was rapid. The US slashed the number of people at its Havana mission and expelled 15 Cuban diplomats after at least 24 American staff and family reported a mix of headaches, dizziness, eyesight, hearing, sleep and concentration problems.

Anna Shurapey recovering in hospital after being bitten by a suspected juvenile great white off Little Congwong beach. Botany Bay beaches that were closed after a woman was bitten by what experts suspect was a juvenile great white shark have reopened after the attack. In his annual letter to shareholders , the billionaire investor wrote: More than one in ten French women have been raped at least once, according to a study on sexual violence published on Friday as the global abuse scandal widens.

A Silicon Valley billionaire who was ordered by California courts to restore public access to a popular surfing beach is seeking to take his case to the US supreme court. The case could entirely upend public access to beaches in a state with more than 1, miles of shoreline.

Another collection of bedtime stories about women who changed the world, Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2 is out on 28 February and is, according to the Bookseller, already seeing unprecedented demand. The magazine reports that the first print run for the second volume, which features the life stories of famous contemporary names such as German chancellor Angela Merkel and Harry Potter creator JK Rowling, as well as historic figures including Dutch exotic dancer and spy Mata Hari and Frankenstein author Mary Shelley, is , copies, with another already under consideration.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has sparked storm of criticism after saying he had stopped eating rice in favour of more expensive quinoa. Najib, who is facing a general election within months under a cloud of a corruption scandal, has been blamed for a rising cost of living since launching a goods and services tax in So why all these blasts from the past now, asks film writer Ben Falk.

Here are five of our favourites. Miracle cures, conspiracies and complete fabrication are rife around cancer. From superfoods and shark cartilage to big pharma schemes, Nic Fleming unpacks five myths around its cause, prevention and cure. Watch out for deodorants. Make sure you get your goji berries. Having to deal with misinformed advice like this is unfortunately all too common for people with cancer. Sadly, there are also a lot of half-truths, exaggeration and nonsense.

I grew up in Berkshire, in the leafy home counties, next to a farm, so my childhood was lots of climbing trees, building dens and riding bikes. At some point, when I was 10, my parents must have thought that actually it would be really nice to go somewhere warm, where it might not rain.

Either way, something sparked an extravagant deviation from the norm, and we rented a villa in Corfu. When a long-lost painting depicting a Nigerian princess was found in a modest London flat late last year, art dealers believed the decades-long search had come to an end. They hold hands, hug each other and try to find hope. A year campaign by rightwing billionaire donors to undermine trade unions and strike a blow at the progressive movement in Americacomes to a climax on Monday, in a hearing at the US supreme court.

The longest-reigning British monarch and I share a few things: To most readers who recognise the name, Amy Chua is the author of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother , the bestselling memoir about bringing up children under a strictly traditional regime of Chinese parenting. The book seemed to repel and inspire in equal measure. But leaving aside its personal testimony, it was a work that dared to tread on disputed and dangerous terrain: Group Instinct and the Fate of Nations. Chua, a professor of law at Yale Law School, believes that ethnic and tribal identity plays a more powerful role in national politics than has been previously acknowledged, at least by American foreign policy.

I live in the East End of London and own my flat. I have a brain tumour. I try to live my life to the full, in four-week sprints, with a round of chemo coming up every month.

Officials say Kavous Seyed Emami used endangered Asiatic cheetah surveys as pretext for spying, but no evidence has been cited. UN officials have urged the Iranian government to respect the work of environmental activists following the death in custody last week of wildlife campaigner, Kavous Seyed Emami. Emami was buried on Monday, but several members of the organisation he founded, the Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation, remain in jail and the deputy head of the Environmental Protection Organisation, Kaveh Madani, was detained for 72 hours over the weekend.

The slaughter of people defending their land or environment continued unabated in , with new research showing almost four people a week were killed worldwide in struggles against mines, plantations, poachers and infrastructure projects.

This year, in collaboration with Global Witness , the Guardian aims to record the deaths of all people killed while protecting land or natural resources. At the current rate, about four defenders will die this week somewhere on the planet. Esmond Bradley Martin, whose groundbreaking investigations helped the fight against elephant poaching, died after being stabbed at home in Nairobi. A well-known American ivory-trade investigator, who pioneered efforts to combat elephant and rhino poaching, has been killed in his home in Nairobi, prompting an outpouring of shock and revulsion across the conservation world.

Esmond Bradley Martin, 75, died after being stabbed in his house in the Nairobi suburb of Langata on Sunday. His wife, Chryssee Martin, found his body. Bradley Martin had led global investigations into illegal wildlife trading since the s and was a charismatic and familiar sight at conservation conferences.

We are very satisfied with our laws, we maintain them. UK's aspirations for post-Brexit trade deal an illusion, says Donald Tusk. Barnaby Joyce resigns as Australia's deputy prime minister and National party leader , saying he hopes it will put an end to the continual speculation.

Joyce tells the media gathered in Armidale, New South Wales, he will formally resign at a meeting of the National party on Monday morning and that he hopes the move will act as a 'circuit breaker' for the sake of parliament, his partner, his unborn child and his daughters and wife. It's not fair on them,' he says. Made in North Korea: The boutique fair offers collectors and curators access to artists never seen before in the area. Kiara, Andrea, Enrico, Nada: La motoslitta per portare la figlia a scuola Messico, arrestati 4 poliziotti: Beffato il numero uno del Duisburg Renzi e l'intervista in inglese: Il vescovo di Milano: Problemi con le transenne, ferito un volontario La figlia di Schettino: Un morto su via Ostiense e altri sei feriti nella notte Milano, rinasce il Foro romano: E a cena invita un ex terrorista sikh Don Mazzi: La madre della ragazza e quella del giovane, detenuto per furto, si sono scambiate urla e accuse Croce Rossa: I messaggi di conforto dei follower Chiara Ferragni a riposo assoluto fino al termine della gravidanza a Los Angeles.

I turisti scattano foto La Porsche guidata dallo smartphone Il telefonino prende il posto dei sensori: Su Instagram foto e video Come invecchia il calciatore Sovrappeso, stempiati, identici a quando erano giovani: Chi sono i candidati per il prossimo 4 marzo Un nuovo servizio del Corriere: Siemens, la fabbrica hi tech dove si insegna Industria 4. Memo Is Released House Democrats made public a heavily redacted memo that was drafted to counter Republican claims of surveillance abuses against a former Trump campaign aide.

Mueller Is Gaining Steam. President Trump and his aides point out that he has not been implicated by any of the charges in the Russia inquiry led by the special counsel Robert S. Yet the investigation seems to be leading to a larger, as yet undefined, goal. What Makes NeverAgain Different? The protests calling for stricter gun control measures come on the heels of other youth movements, but the momentum they have gained makes them stand out.

Will the prosecutor take him up on it? The True Source of the N. Mobilization, Not Donations The group is often perceived by opponents as bankrolling its preferred candidates. But its influence is derived from a muscular electioneering machine. Companies Cut Ties to the N. The story behind the deaths of 4 soldiers in Niger. An essay in praise of sweatpants and much more. The Week in Good News: I Was a Marine. The presence of a firearm is always an invitation to violence. Tech Envisions the Ultimate Start-Up: An Entire City Silicon Valley wants to save cities.

What could go wrong? Paroling the Spanish Prisoner Wonkish The economics of the euro were as bad as expected, but it has proved politically durable. I obviously had mixed feelings about that. Both have very young sons. Olympic Golds Online, if Not in Competition Most of the moments from the Winter Games that have gone viral online had little to do with athletic achievement. Are We Winning Too Much? After a historic performance at the Olympics, some Norwegians fret that they dominate their favorite sport so much that they are ruining it.

John Shuster and the U. Volkswagen Settles Emissions Lawsuit in U. If Trump Rips Up Nafta, Canada May Shrug, Not Shudder Because of changes to the global trading system, an end to the agreement is unlikely to be devastating for Canada, and could even have positive effects. So a local company began creating custom formulas, and expanded to echidnas, sugar gliders and other Australian natives. Skip the Bordeaux, Go for the Assyrtiko Putting together a wine list at a Greek restaurant in Astoria with a radical idea: Build it around Greek wines.

After managing publicity and event promotion operations, a Texas woman opened her own distillery and started producing award-winning whiskey. Here are a few more suitors to consider. Save Money and Reset Your Financial Life With a Shopping Ban A shopping ban may sound impossible, or only for people who can already afford to live lean, but with the right rules, you can do it too.

Catch these before they leave Netflix. This advice from professionals could help prevent a volatile ride from derailing your financial planning. They rob a grocery store. Though heavy-handed, it has a purity of dark vision. Dancing Saved Her Life. A flier in the mail led to dance lessons and a new lease on life for a Holocaust survivor.

By the Book As a boy, the author and illustrator Brian Selznick preferred consuming stories on screen: Then They Saw the Price. But the new generic version costs nearly as much. For Vampire Bats to Live on Blood, It Takes Guts Blood is a very difficult thing to live well on, but a new study of the gut microbes and genomes of vampire bats offer insights into how they do it. But Turnbull said he and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe were determined to keep the pact alive and that an agreement among 11 nations will be signed next month.

And he has made moves to overhaul a chaotic banking sector. Mueller indictment has European ex-politicians under scrutiny A former Austrian chancellor says he met Paul Manafort twice, but only for coffee, and denies lobbying for Ukraine's former government. Insurgents kill more than 20 security forces in separate attacks in Afghanistan Afghan soldiers, police and intelligence officials were among those killed in the latest violence.

China proposes removal of two-term limit, potentially paving way for President Xi Jinping to stay on A new proposal could change the way China is governed. Some clues suggest so.

Russian spies hacked the Olympics and tried to make it look like North Korea did it, U. Some are concerned the Closing Ceremonies might be targeted, too. One of Hollywood's favorite diamond dealers has vanished amid an epic Indian fraud case Wherever Nirav Modi is has Internet access, because he's been taking email potshots at the government agencies investigating him. The Mueller indictment mentioned the 'Hapsburg group. A former Austrian chancellor says he met Paul Manafort twice, but only for coffee, and denies lobbying for Ukraine's former government.

What we know about the shadowy Russian mercenary firm behind an attack on U. Security Council approves day humanitarian cease-fire in Syria Hundreds of people have been killed in Eastern Ghouta in the past week as government forces bombard rebel positions.

But new crises may hinder reform. New court ruling jeopardizes military's ability to pursue old rape cases The decision is a 'pretty dramatic reversal of precedent,' said one lawyer who has studied the issue. Could a power-sharing arrangement end protests in Togo? Togo experimented with power-sharing more than a decade ago, with mixed results.

There might be more. Toronto police have arrested and charged Bruce McArthur with six murders. They fear he is a serial killer who had more victims. Security Council again fails to vote on a cease-fire for Syria Russia, which has veto power in the council, objected to the proposed terms. Embassy in Israel will move to Jerusalem in mid-May, State Department says State Department is looking into the legality of private financing after casino magnate Sheldon Adelson offered to fund part of the construction.

Nigerians are demanding answers after another potential Boko Haram kidnapping Many girls are still unaccounted for. But so far, the government can't say where they are. Syrian capital, its suburbs calm after UN cease-fire vote The Syrian capital and its embattled eastern suburbs were relatively calm on Sunday, following the U.

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Un tel dispositif concernerait les millions de personnes nouvellement assuj link: Je ne me moquais pa. Baseball League kick-off cerem link: Sunflwer Noir trois récits qui vont là où on ne les attend pas et qui vous laisseront un link: Di nuovo sul banco deli imputati per una serie di fallimenti fra cui quello di Porta Vittoria spa. Le carote,burberry outlet, A tal proposito,Babyliss Curl,Ma un semplice colore della capigliatura, ponendolo a proprio indiscus link: For such a young service,Babyliss Curl, with improvements to the optical stabilization system, I took a close look at an ISO image link: Dalam perjalanan menuju Yogyakarta untuk suatu urusan beberapa minggu lalu, saya beristirahat di sebuah masjid di Klaten. Remember when Jennifer Lawrence was nice?

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